Knorr Chicken Gravy Pot 4 X 28G

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Concentrated Chicken Gravy
A roast dinner wouldn’t be the same without homemade gravy. Now you can enjoy rich gravy– all in a fraction of the time. With quality ingredients and slowly simmered meat juices, the authentic flavours of Knorr Gravy Pot Chicken 4 x 28g are perfect with all your poultry dishes.
Your family is sure to love the flavour of our Chicken Gravy Pots. On top of tasting delicious, our chicken gravy is quick and easy to prepare. Simply tip a gravy pot into a saucepan of warm water and slowly bring to the boil whilst stirring constantly- ready in minutes! They are also free from artificial colours, artificial preservatives and added MSG, making them an excellent choice for creating a family-favourite meal.
Use our gravy pot to create a mouth-watering accompaniment to your main dish. Simply prepare Knorr Gravy Pot and add your favourite meat and vegetables to make a dinner your family is sure to love. You can find great recipes to spruce up your gravy from Knorr with flavours like White Wine, Thyme and Sage - simply place the Knorr Gravy Pot Chicken in a saucepan with white wine, water and herbs, bring to the boil slowly and simmer. The white wine and herbs make for a delicious take on a traditional chicken gravy. Discover more quick and delicious dinner ideas at, where there are hundreds of recipes to help you find dinner inspiration.
We also have Beef Gravy Pot and Onion Gravy Pot so there is sure to be a flavour everyone in the family will love. Discover more of our range including Stock Pots and Cubes at
At Knorr, we believe that good food matters and everyday meals can be just as magical as special occasions. We source high-quality ingredients to create delicious stocks, gravies, soups and seasonings enjoyed by families across the world.
Knorr Chicken Gravy Pot 4 x 28g is a rich, flavoursome gravy containing quality ingredients and meat juices, that make it the perfect accompaniment for all your white meat dishes
Our Chicken Gravy Pot is slowly simmered to recreate the authentic flavour of homemade gravy, in minutes
Free from artificial colours and artificial preservatives
No added MSG
Enjoy generously over juicy roast chicken and perfectly cooked seasonal vegetables
Simply tip a Knorr Chicken Gravy Pot into a saucepan of warm water and slowly bring to the boil, stirring constantly, A single gravy pot makes 280ml gravy, Serves 4
Chicken stock (water, chicken extract) (42%), corn starch, salt, sugar, flavourings (contain WHEAT and BARLEY), chicken fat (2.5%), yeast extract, caramel syrup, gelling agents (xanthan gum, locust bean gum, gellan gum), chicken (0.7%), maltodextrin, pepper, rosemary