Mr Muscle Platinum Window And Glass 750Ml

Jan 2nd - Jan 22nd
Mr Muscle® Platinum Window & Glass Cleaner with Vinegar Power is formulated to defeat tough glass messes. Grease and grime can be tough, but this vinegar-fortified spray cleaner is tougher. To keep your windows and other glass surfaces sparkling, simply turn the nozzle to ‘SPRAY’ position and spray with full trigger strokes on the desired cleaning area. Then wipe the surface with kitchen paper or a soft dry cloth for a streak-free shine. Mr Muscle® Platinum Window & Glass Cleaner eliminates smudges and smears and gives surfaces a streak-free shine, allowing you to clean less and live more.
Mr Muscle® Platinum Window & Glass Cleaner gives surfaces a 100% streak-free shine
Defeats tough glass messes helping to make window cleaning easy
A spray cleaner for use on windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces
Window glass cleaner eliminates smudges and smears
contains: < 5% anionic surfactants; also contains: perfume