Solus 60W = 46W Bayonet Cap Clear A55 Haloge


Product Details

This bulb is a new generation halogen bulb that delivers the same brightness as an old incandescent bulb but uses less energy. In fact compared to the old bulb this one will save you €5.60* over its lifetime! *based on €0.20 kWhr over lifetime 60 W equivalent incandescent brightness Each lamp is individually tested before packing Solus quality systems in accordance with European standards Warm-up time: instant full light Switching Cycles > 8000 Colour temperature: Approx. 2900K Bulb Dimensions: 95mm x 55mm Warning Safety Information For your safety always switch off electricity before inserting the lamp. Do not exceed the maximum wattage shown on your light fixture. Let the lamp cool down before replacement. Always check your light fixture is compatible. Do not handle the bulb with bare hands. If the lamp is touched wipe clean with a soft cloth and alcohol. Quantity Number of Units - 1 Usage Brightness > Usage Which bulb? The Home of Lighting Medium: 60 W Comparative old incandescent bulb 46 W Halogen 702 lm Suitable for smaller rooms/spaces and larger lamps. Do not exceed the maximum wattage shown on your light fixture. As people prefer different levels of lighting in their homes the above guide is for general illustrative purposes only.

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